Celebrate outstanding work – Newly released videos share winners’ and leaders’ insights

CEEC is excited to have launched a free online series of videos, which bring you Medal-winning insights, leaders’ views and experts’ insights.

The video series was announced as part of CEEC’s 10-year celebrations by CEEC CEO Alison Keogh in June the AusIMM’s Mill Operators hybrid conference in Brisbane, Australia, as well as at Minerals Engineering International’s Sustainable Minerals online conference.

The videos are  free to industry – another way to help us all share knowledge and innovative approaches, and accelerate collaboration and work towards eco-efficient minerals.

Recent releases include presentations and short interviews with industry leaders and the recipients of the 2020 CEEC Medal for Operations for important work done out of North America.

2020 CEEC Medal for Operations – North American winners presentation and discussion – link to watch here

CEEC CEO Alison Keogh and Directors Simon Hille and Bryan Rairdan presented the 2020 CEEC Medal winners their Medals for outstanding work. Winners receiving their Medals were Peter Lind (), Kevin Murray (formerly Newmont), and Alan Boylston and Isaias Arce of Metso Outotec. They share the key messages from their winning paper, titled ‘Reducing Energy and Water Consumption through Alternative Comminution Circuits’.

The practical, systematic technology approach, which incorporates financial analysis, has the potential to accelerate industry’s progress to deliver lower footprint minerals. It brings technologies together to show that you can save energy, save water and save money as well.

CEEC Director Simon Hille (Eldorado Gold) explained what the CEEC Medal aims to achieve. : “This is the ninth year that we've had the opportunity to present the CEEC Medal to industry, looking at both research and operational improvements in comminution circuits focused around energy efficiency, which is really the core vision of CEEC – to celebrate and sponsor and advocate for energy efficiency in comminution to improve our current energy practices so that we can be more energy efficient in the future.”

CEEC Director Bryan Rairdan (Teck Resources) noted the winning work is important for industry as the paper took a holistic view of recently emerged and emerging technologies. “It went into a lot of detail around the impacts on capital costs, operating costs and production,” he said. “As an operator, those are the things that we're trying to understand. A big thank you out to this group for working together and presenting this valuable piece of work to the industry for their review and their use.”

The authors shared their thoughts on their winning paper, which is a successful miner/vendor collaboration on how to design comminution circuit options for low energy and water. It brings together important solutions – including energy-efficient comminution, ancillary equipment, preconcentration and flotation – and presents compelling economic comparisons.

Mr Lind said: “It's really encouraging to be part of the team that was recognized with the 2020 CEEC Medal for operations. The work that we carried out is cross-disciplinary in nature and represented collaboration across a number of organizations from different areas of the mining value stream. I hope that this recognition by CEEC encourages other operators and developers to consider applying technologies that will save energy, save water and reduce their energy footprint. I'd like to thank the CEEC directors, staff and sponsors for this recognition.”

2020 Medal Insights with Peter Lind and Bryan Rairdan – link to watch here

CEEC CEO Alison Keogh interviewed Peter Lind (formerly Newmont) and Bryan Rairdan of Teck Resources after the presentation of the 2020 CEEC Medal to winners for outstanding work. They discussed energy and water efficient approaches to mineral processing, the drivers of change, incorporating renewables and the benefits of collaboration.

“I think from a processing perspective, we do need to step back and make sure we're looking at these solutions from a site-wide or even a district-wide perspective,” said Mr Rairdan. “Do we look at our sites holistically to make sure that, from an environmental impact perspective, we're minimizing the entire site impact?

“We tend to focus a lot on processing because that's our jobs and our passion. But we do need to ensure that we're part of we're part of the bigger picture.”

2020 CEEC Medal Insights Simon Hille and Mark Adams – link to watch here

CEEC CEO Alison Keogh interviewed Simon Hille of Eldorado Gold and Mark Adams, formerly of Metso Outotec, after the presentation of the 2020 CEEC Medal to winners for outstanding work. They discussed some of the disruptive technologies that could potentially make their way through the commercialization steps and really change the game in mining and processing, as well as supporting commercialization to scale with success, energy and water efficient approaches to mineral processing, the drivers of change, CEEC, and the benefits of collaboration.

Mr Hille noted that the mining and mineral processing industries use a significant amount of water. “We need to look at ways to reduce that and understand that on a different level,” he said. “CEEC has brought a spotlight to energy and comminution, [and] I think we need to equally bring a spotlight [on water usage] so that we can start to think of new ideas and bring innovation into the use of water in our processes.”

Mr Adams added: “I think CEEC is a great example of an organization that can help foster that culture within the industry… For awarding people for making these kinds of improvements and doing things that others aren't, both on an individual level and a company level.

“This is the kind of thing we need to be able to bring these technologies to commercialization faster.”

Future videos and webinars

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