CEEC & Weir: Uniting for Eco-Efficiency and Water Innovation!

CEEC & Weir: Uniting for Eco-Efficiency and Water Innovation!

CEEC International, an independent global not-for-profit committed to accelerating the adoption of eco-efficient minerals and metals production practices, is delighted to welcome Weir as a premium sponsor and an early adopter of the groundbreaking Global Water Initiative.

Weir, a respected s provider of engineered solutions to the resources sector, shares CEEC's mission to drive the adoption of eco-efficient practices within the industry. Weir's renewed support as a premium sponsor underscores the company’s dedication to advancing sustainable minerals and metals production. The objectives of Weir align closely with CEEC's own vision and mission, actively working to provide minerals and metals to society with minimal environmental impact, particularly in terms of water management, emissions, and waste.

CEEC International's mission is to facilitate knowledge sharing, cross-sector collaboration, and advocacy of eco-efficient practices within the global resources sector. By disseminating research findings, analytical tools, and innovative solutions, CEEC aims to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as other associated impacts in mining, processing, and refining of minerals.

Ms. Janien Herzig, Executive President of CEEC International, stated, "We are thrilled to welcome Weir as a premium sponsor once again. The company’s commitment to eco-efficiency and sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with our mission to drive positive change in the resources sector."

Andrew Neilson, President of Minerals Division at Weir, added, "We are proud to renew our support to CEEC International and its mission to accelerate the adoption of eco-efficient practices in minerals and metals production. This collaboration underpins our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource utilisation."

The Global Water Initiative, officially launching at the MetPlant 2023 Conference being held on the 5-8 November in Adelaide, is a critical step towards addressing water management and risk mitigation in the resources sector. The initiative seeks to build a shared understanding, identify gaps, and outline necessary actions to ensure responsible water usage within the industry.

The launch event will feature a panel discussion and marks the beginning of a four-session campaign aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry experts and stakeholders to address the growing challenges of water management.

Ms. Herzig further added, "The Global Water Initiative is a vital platform to collectively address water-related challenges within the sector. We are excited to have Weir actively participating in this initiative, which will undoubtedly drive positive transformation in water management practices."

CEEC International encourages industry stakeholders to join the initiative, contribute to the discussions, and collectively shape a more sustainable future for water management within the resources sector.

About CEEC International: CEEC International (Coalition for Minerals Efficiency) is a global organisation dedicated to promoting and advancing energy-efficient mineral processing practices. The organisation aims to increase awareness, share best practices, and foster collaboration among industry stakeholders to drive sustainable innovation and improve productivity in the resources sector.    

About Weir

Founded in 1871, The Weir Group PLC is one of the world’s leading engineering businesses with a purpose to make its mining and infrastructure customers’ operations more sustainable and efficient. Weir’s highly engineered technology enables critical resources to be produced using less energy, water and waste while reducing customers’ total cost of ownership. The Group is ideally positioned to benefit from structural trends that support long-term demand for its technology including the need for more essential metals to support economic development and carbon transition. The Group has c.12,000 employees operating in over 60 countries with a presence in every major mining region of the world. Find out more at www.global.weir.


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