CEEC rebrands as CEEC International: Coalition for Minerals Efficiency

CEEC International has officially launched its new brand, ‘CEEC International: Coalition for Minerals Efficiency’. 

This will expand CEEC’s sphere of activity from its initial focus on eco-efficient comminution to include a wider range of topics around sustainability in mining, mineral processing and resource extraction. 

“We are simply reflecting CEEC's growth of purpose, which is to not only lower energy consumption in comminution, but to more broadly reduce the footprint associated with the extraction and processing of minerals and materials - including water consumption, tailings management and GHG emissions,” said CEEC Executive President Janine Herzig. 

“We are super excited about this next phase for CEEC International, especially our Global Water Initiative (GWI) involving The University of British Columbia, the Sustainable Minerals Institute, SMI-ICE-Chile and many others to be confirmed in the New Year.”