CEEC International Unveils Groundbreaking Online Interactive Energy Curves Tool

Energy Curves Tool available on the CEEC International Website
Energy Curves Tool available on the CEEC International Website

CEEC International Unveils Groundbreaking Online Interactive Energy Curves Tool

CEEC International, a leading global not-for-profit organisation committed to advancing best practices in mineral processing, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary online interactive Energy Curves Benchmarking Tool. This cutting-edge platform represents a significant milestone in the resources sector, offering capabilities for optimising energy efficiency and driving operational excellence.

The Energy Curves Benchmarking Tool is the result of extensive research and development, championed by Dr. Grant Ballantyne, Director of Technical Solutions at Ausenco through the Energy Curves project led by CEEC International and the University of Queensland. This innovative tool empowers mining professionals to plot operational data directly onto energy curves, enabling real-time analysis and scenario testing for enhanced decision-making.

Key features of the CEEC Online Interactive Energy Curves Tool include:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design ensures ease of use, allowing participants to navigate the tool with confidence.
  • Scenario Testing: Users can explore various design and operating strategies, assessing their impact on energy efficiency and operational performance.
  • Confidentiality Assurance: Individual data points remain de-identified, safeguarding participant confidentiality and promoting trust and transparency within the mining community.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: The tool facilitates collaboration between mining companies and METS (Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services) providers, fostering innovation and driving sustainable practices.

“The launch of the CEEC Interactive Energy Curves Tool represents a significant advancement in our mission to promote energy-efficient mineral processing,” said Dr. Grant Ballantyne. “We believe this tool will empower mining professionals to make informed decisions, driving operational excellence and sustainability.”

CEEC International invites mining professionals to explore the capabilities of the online interactive Energy Curves Tool and join the movement towards a more sustainable future for mineral processing.

The CEEC Energy Curve Benchmarking Tool is sponsored by Ausenco and was developed in conjunction with the University of Queensland.

For more information and to access the tool, visit www.ceecthefuture.org/energy-curves.

About CEEC International: CEEC International is a non-profit global industry body dedicated to promoting best practices in mineral processing. Through collaborative initiatives and knowledge-sharing platforms, CEEC drives innovation, efficiency, and sustainability across the mining sector.

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