CEEC International Advocates Attend SME Annual Conference to Advocate for Sustainable Mining Practices

CEEC International Advocates Attend SME Annual Conference to Advocate for Sustainable Mining Practices

CEEC International Advocates Laurie Reemeyer and Romke Kuyvenhoven attended the SME annual conference Mine Exchange in Denver, Colorado from 26 Feb to 1 March 2023. The conference brought together leading professionals in the mining industry to discuss the latest trends and developments in ESG, innovation, and safety, with a focus on building trust and promoting sustainable practices.

Considering the growing importance of critical minerals as ingredients for cleaner technologies, and rising expectations for ESG, there is an urgent need for the mining industry to prioritize innovation, and safety. The conference provided a platform for industry leaders to share their insights and best practices, and to explore new strategies and technologies for a more sustainable future.

CEEC International Advocates were present at the conference to promote the adoption of more sustainable mining practices, and to highlight the importance of resource efficiency, energy conservation, and emissions reduction in the mining industry. They shared their expertise and knowledge with attendees and engaged in discussions on topics such as improved water and tailings management, more energy efficient processing and inclusion and diversity to support the future industry workforce.

"We are delighted to attend the Mine Exchange conference and to have had the opportunity to share our insights and perspectives with industry leaders and stakeholders," said CEEC International Advocate, Laurie Reemeyer. "We believe that investing in sustainable practices is key to building trust, attracting smart, young professionals and securing the future of the mining industry, and we look forward to continuing our work in this important area."

As the global demand for critical minerals continues to grow, the mining industry faces significant challenges and opportunities. By prioritizing ESG, innovation, and safety, and by investing in sustainable practices, the industry can build trust, foster collaboration, and drive long-term success.

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