CEEC Executive President speaks at Mines & Money London

CEEC Executive President Janine Herzig was invited to speak at Mines & Money London, which took place from 29th November-1st December 2022. 

On 29th November, she chaired a session on ESG, sustainability and the circular economy which included her opening remarks as well as two keynote panels on the topics ‘What can be done to provide greater clarity and consolidation in ESG standards, ratings and methodologies?’ and ‘Embracing the circular economy. What challenges and opportunities does the circular economy bring for the mining industry?’ 

Later that day, she facilitated a keynote panel discussion on the topic ‘Applying ESG principles to supply chains’, which was part of a session on rethinking mineral supply chains and infrastructure. 

On 30th November, during a session on security, safety and tailings management, she facilitated a panel discussion on the topic ‘What future innovations can we expect to see within the field of tailings and water management solutions?’ 

On 1st December, she was a panellist for the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) dialogue table on the topic ‘De-risking innovation to drive operational value, safety and sustainability’.