CEEC directors lead discourse on energy, water and productivity via comminution: Mines & Technology conference, London, 27-29 November 2018

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At a busy Mines & Technology conference CEEC directors Mike Battersby and Nick Wilshaw brought the topic of energy and water conservation to the agenda of the conference. Nick gave a presentation in the Mineral Processing session as part of the conference theme of Transformation. His presentation, titled – The Future is Now – “Driving Energy Down and Productivity up through CEEC” was well received.

CEEC also moderated one of the Innovation Roundtable Groups on mineral processing. The Challenge: “Optimising energy usage and water management at your mine”. The session was well attended with a mixture of delegates representing mining companies, engineers, consultants and equipment suppliers. The outcomes of the roundtable were fed back to the conference. The principal takeaway message of the group was that they thought water is a more important resource limitation than energy, which can be brought in at a cost.

Many sites are facing either, or both, energy and water challenges, such as availability, caps and costs. In some cases, these are project showstoppers or cause concerns and additional challenges in local communities. Collaborative work to share ideas, solutions and new approaches in energy as well as water is vital and CEEC is proud to play a part of that.

Caption: Nick Wilshaw presenting the CEEC mission statement at the conference.