CEEC CEO interviews Dean Gehring Executive VP Newmont Part 5 of 6

Informative senior leader interview with Dean Gehring, Executive Vice President of Newmont, by CEEC's CEO Alison Keogh (Part 5 of 6). Dean shares Newmont’s perspective on ESG, the business case for leading change, the 2020 CEEC Medal and eco-efficient processing, and involving people, context and community for lasting change. Dean talks about Newmont’s ESG considerations in long-life project projects, the 2020 CEEC Medal win’s practical options to reduce footprint, and his leader’s view on the business case for change to reduce energy and water usage.

Alison notes new work showing technologies such as preconcentration indicating compelling NPV improvements in the order of half a Billion dollars, and asks Dean what he believes is key to leading change with success. Dean then talks about the future of mining, and driving best practice across Newmont, replicating that across sites. He believes best practice has a very strong role to play in reducing footprint of energy, greenhouse gas and water consumption.