CEEC CEO interviews Dean Gehring Executive VP Newmont Part 4 of 6

Informative senior leader interview with Dean Gehring, Executive Vice President of Newmont, by CEEC's CEO Alison Keogh (Part 4 of 6). Dean says there are some things that are too important not to collaborate on across industry, such as safety, energy and water, and why industry should share best practice, including through collaborations such as Energy Curves and Water Curves. Dean talks about the critical issue of water usage and improvement in industry, and collaboration on shared industry challenges by creating tools to benchmark, improve and share practices.

Dean believes the shared industry challenges of energy, emissions and water are vital to social license to operate. He believes collaborating on these areas can help industry to develop common intensity measures, and also demonstrate actions and accelerate improvements – not just for Newmont, but for other mining companies and community benefits. He talks about Newmont’s global water strategy team, across sites, helping identify risks, share best practices and knowledge.