CEEC CEO interviews Dean Gehring Executive VP Newmont Part 1 of 6

Part 1 of CEEC's CEO Alison Keogh interview with Dean Gehring, Executive Vice President of Newmont. Newmont teams were CEEC Medal winners in 2017 & 2020. Dean discusses their work, Newmont's ESG targets, and champions the value of collaborating across industry, especially on shared industry challenges such as safety, energy and water improvement. He talks about how Newmont drives best practice, and its improvement and innovation approach.

Dean also talks about the value of sponsoring CEEC’s not for profit work and collaborative projects such as Energy and Water Curves, which also help sites benchmark and improve. He shares why he believes more open knowledge sharing on shared industry challenges is so important. He touches on technologies and embedding best practices and improvements across mine sites worldwide, to help reduce mining’s footprint, and why accelerating innovative eco efficient comminution and processing are key.