CEEC Advocate Empowers Resources Sector with Water Management Insights at MINEXCHANGE 2024

CEEC Advocate Empowers Resources Sector with Water Management Insights at MINEXCHANGE 2024

MINEXCHANGE 2024 SME Annual Conference & Expo was recently held in Phoenix, Arizona, from February 25th to 28th. The Conference brings leaders from around the industry to share the latest of today’s critical topics from process innovation to responsible mining. Among the attendees was Laurie Reemeyer, Principal Director at Resourceful Paths and a prominent CEEC Advocate.

Laurie delivered a one-day short course titled “Introduction to Water Management for Mining and Mineral Processing.” Co-branded with CEEC International, the course aimed to equip mining professionals with crucial insights into the complexities of water management within the industry and the interactions between different disciplines.

Participants gained a foundational understanding of water management at mining and processing sites, covering key topics like water supply and treatment including associated energy requirements, the influence of water quality on process performance, and tailings management. A particular focus was the increased use of saline groundwater or seawater, often in conjunction with desalination. Laurie emphasised global perspectives, integrating examples from various regions to build awareness of technical, environmental, and social aspects.

The course addressed challenges such as climate change and Acid and Metalliferous Drainage. Laurie's expertise and dedication to promoting sustainable water management practices resonated throughout the course, inspiring attendees to embrace collaboration and responsible stewardship in their respective roles within the resources sector.

As Laurie stated, "Water is life and is also essential for continuity of the mining industry. Water management is not just about engineering and technology; it requires effective communication and building understanding and trust with communities to address their needs and concerns. By helping mining professionals build their knowledge and skills in water management, we can help drive collaboration and innovation, leading to more sustainable performance and fewer water related conflicts. This is essential for the future of the industry."

MINEXCHANGE 2024 SME Annual Conference & Expo provided a platform for industry leaders like Laurie to share their insights, foster meaningful connections, and drive positive change within the resources sector. This builds off the networking and engagement of CEEC professions at the MetPlant Conference in Adelaide in November 2023. CEEC plans ongoing professional engagement on water management at future 2024 events including IMPC 2024 in Washington DC, and Tailings and Mine Waste in Denver, Colorado. With initiatives like the Global Water Initiative lead by CEEC International, the industry is poised to embrace a future where responsible water management is at the forefront of sustainable mining and processing practices.