2012 CEEC Medal Winner

The CEEC Board of Directors is delighted to announce the winner of the 2012 CEEC Medal. The CEEC Medal is a global award intended to recognise and celebrate the contribution of outstanding published papers, articles or case studies profiling beneficial strategies for eco-efficient comminution.  CEEC announced the launch of the Medal in November 2011. Following a thorough evaluation of the nominated papers, the selection committee shortlisted three outstanding papers.

“The standard of the papers nominated for the 2012 CEEC Medal was outstanding. Our review focused on aspects including the energy savings described in each paper, the ability to integrate the proposed solution into existing comminution circuits and the breadth of the evidence supporting the proposed strategy. We also sought papers which communicated ideas clearly and effectively” said Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic, CEEC Director, Principal Process Engineer at WorleyParsons, and Chair of the CEEC Medal Evaluation Committee.

“The CEEC Medal is intended to bring attention to “best-in-class” research or documentation in the field of eco-efficient comminution. This area of mineral processing provides significant opportunities for improved profit and energy savings in the mining industry” noted CEEC Chairman Elizabeth Lewis-Gray.

The CEEC Medal raises the status of beneficial eco-efficient comminution strategies by:

  • Recognising and celebrating individuals or teams who make an outstanding contribution in the field of beneficial eco-efficient comminution strategies.
  • Acknowledging individuals or teams who contribute to building global knowledge of beneficial eco-efficient comminution practices by sharing examples of best practice and leadership in eco-efficient comminution and inspiring similar excellence in others.
  •  Identifying those who build greater awareness and understanding in the wider community of the benefits of knowledge transfer in the area of eco-efficient comminution and energy savings.

The CEEC Medal Evaluation Committee thoroughly reviewed the nominated papers assessing aspects including originality, applicability, supporting research and documentation, prospective impact, potential energy savings, and presentation style. The results of this assessment process were presented to the CEEC Board for its final approval.

Of the many papers nominated for the 2012 CEEC medal, the three papers shortlisted were:

Optimisation and continuous improvement of the Antamina Comminution Circuit by Rybinski et al was unanimously selected as the winner. The judges complimented the paper saying that the study was thorough and achieved significant operational improvement. The paper illustrates a strong partnership between a mining company and a supplier working together to achieve a superior outcome. The paper is seen as a classical study, well supported by evidence using a clear and implementable methodology. The data is clearly presented, easily understood and involves some important innovation.

The CEEC Medal is intended to encourage publications and presentations in eco-efficient comminution, to accelerate knowledge transfer in this topic. In awarding this Medal, the CEEC Board welcomes feedback on the process, and guidelines for future years.

Dr Walter Valery, Global Vice-President, Metso Mineral Process Technology and Innovation, one of the winning paper’s authors, receives his Medal from CEEC Chair Ms Elizabeth Lewis-Gray  CEO Gekko Systems Ltd.


L-R: Jaime Sepulveda, Molycop, Chile, Session chair; Ed Rybiniski, Antamina, CEEC 2012 medal winner; Roberto del Valle, METSO PTI, CEEC 2012 medal winner; Cleve Lightfoot, BHPBilliton, Chile, Session Chair

AusIMM_0588  Alex Jankovic, Serkan Dikman Metso PTI, Mill Operators meeting 2012


Walter Valery, Elizabeth Lewis-Gray 2012  CEEC Workshop

2012 CEEC Medal Shortlist

The following three papers have been shortlisted by the CEEC Technical and Research Committee for the 2012 CEEC  Medal.

  • Buckingham, L., Dupont J-F., Stieger, J., Blain, B., Brits, C., Improving Energy Efficiency in Barrick Grinding Circuits (2011). Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Grinding Technology (SAG2011)
  • Amelunxen P., Meadows, D. Not another HPGR trade off study (2011).Minerals & Metallurgical Processing Journal, February – Volume 28, No. 1.
  • Rybinski, E., Ghersi, J., Davila, F., Linares J., Valery, W., Jankovic, A., Valle, R., Dikmen S., Optimisation and Continuous improvement of the Antamina Comminution Circuit  (2011) Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Grinding Technology (SAG2011).

2013 CEEC Medal Shortlist

The following papers have been shortlisted by the CEEC Technical and Research Committee for the 2013 CEEC Medal.

  • C. Wang, S. Nadolski, O. Mejia, J. Drozdiak, B. Klein “Energy and Cost Comparisons of HPGR based circuits with the SABC circuit installed at the Huckleberry Mine”.  2013 Canadian Mineral Processors Conference, Jan 2013
  • R A Bearman; Step Change in the Context of Comminution; Comminution 2012
  • P N Muteb, J Allair; Meadowbank Mine Process Plant Throughput Increase; 2013 Canadian Mineral Processors Conference, Jan 2013

2014 CEEC Medal Shortlist

The following papers have been shortlisted by the CEEC Technical and Research Committee for the 2014 CEEC Medal.

  • Latchireddi S.,  Faria E.  Achievement of High Energy Efficiency in Grinding Mills at Santa Rita  (2013) CMP
  • Benzer H, Evertsson M, Knopjes B, Lomdard M, Luís Marcelo Tavares, Mainza AN, Plint N, Powell MS, Rule C. The role of classifiaction in a evolving comminution circuit. (2013) 13th European Symposium on Comminution and Classification
  • Brent G F,  Dare-Bryan P, Hawke S and Rothery M., Ultra-High-intensity Blasting – A new Paradigm in Mining (2013) Worldgold