CEEC Spotlight Leader Conversations : ME Elecmetal

ME Elecmetal has been a leading global supplier of integrated wear solutions for mining, construction and industry for over 100 years. Brian Cornish, Global Lead Application Engineer at ME Elecmetal, José Pablo Domínguez, General Manager at ME Elecmetal South America, and Roberto Lecaros, Vice President, Global Marketing & Commercial Coordination at ME Elecmetal, spoke to Ailbhe Goodbody about renewables and grinding innovations for Spotlight Leader Conversations, CEEC’s series of video interviews with leading people in the mineral processing industry.

They discussed how ME Elecmetal is working towards a long-term vision regarding carbon emissions, recycling and the circular economy. “In several countries, but especially in Chile, the industry is working a lot on what we call the green copper challenge,” said Roberto Lecaros. “Green copper means to produce copper with renewable energy and using green hydrogen… In general, I would say that the mining industry and ME Elecmetal's suppliers are working together on that long-term vision.”

José Pablo Domínguez added: “Our mission as a company is to satisfy and exceed the expectations of the stakeholders. In that regard, all positive evolution we have seen from the communities and the mining industry in order to raise the bar in carbon emissions, in the circular economy and recycling - which is key for us, most of what we do is about recycling - put us automatically on the challenge of joining the party and doing the best effort to improve. We’re aiming to that 100%.”

Brian Cornish noted that CEEC has been very successful at raising awareness around the importance of reductions in energy and water consumption, adding: “As far as mine sites go, the utilization of renewable energies is definitely a direction that that needs much greater awareness, and awareness of all the options that are that are possible given geographical circumstances.”

They also discussed how making small changes to reduce energy and steel consumption can result in big improvements in the efficiency of operations.