CEEC Spotlight Leader Conversations : Eric Wasmund - Eriez VP Global Flotation

Dr Eric Wasmund, VP, Global Flotation at Eriez, has spent more than 30 years working in technical and commercial roles world-wide related to process engineering, extractive metallurgy, and mining projects. In his current role, he manages Eriez’ worldwide flotation business, whose mission is to deliver unique life-cycle technology solutions for their customers in the metallurgical space.

He spoke to CEEC’s Communications Lead Ailbhe Goodbody about how its technologies are helping to reduce energy and water for CEEC’s Spotlight Leader Conversations, a series of video interviews with leading people in the mineral processing industry.

“From Eriez’ perspective, net zero is about two things,” said Dr Wasmund. “First of all, it is about a transition over time to renewable energy sources. Eriez is supporting the build-out of the electric economy by working with miners to sustainably deliver the additional amounts of green metals, especially a number of the base metals, as well as lithium and graphite.”

He pointed out that some forecasts have estimated an additional 10 million tonnes per year of copper alone will be needed for the green transition.

“Secondly, net zero is about reducing energy consumption,” he added. “Especially in flotation and comminution, which we believe is significantly higher than it needs to be. We are delivering breakthrough technologies like our StackCell and HydroFloat product lines, which are allowing the extractive industries to use less energy and water.”

He also cited an engineering study that Eriez participated in, which showed that the energy consumption of a secondary mill could be reduced by 30-50% by increasing the required grind size for flotation, as well as reducing the energy for dewatering and conventional flotation. This would also have significant impact at many sites where electricity is generated from fossil fuels.