CEEC CEO interviews Dean Gehring Executive VP Newmont Part 2 of 6

Informative senior leader interview with Dean Gehring, Executive Vice President of Newmont, by CEEC's CEO Alison Keogh (Part 2 of 6).

Dean shares his thoughts on the prestigious 2017 and 2020 CEEC Medal wins by teams from Newmont in partnership with Metso Outotec. He believes sharing best practice is important, and talks about why the CEEC Medal is important to Newmont, its people and all of industry. 2017 Medal winning work shared how Newmont improved energy efficiency across worldwide sites. 2020 Medal winning work shares the financial case and technical options to reduce energy and water through alternative processing and comminution approaches.

Newmont’s involvement in Medal wins shows the value of partnerships, collaboration. Dean also talks about innovation and replicating best practice, the obligation to set standards to improve all industry, and Newmont’s training and mentoring approach for its people.