CEECing Change Podcast - Episode 9 - CEEC Thought Leader Series - Insights with CEEC Director Marc Allen of engeco

CEECing Change Podcast Guest Tile Marc Allen

Marc Allen is the Technical Director at engeco, a Singapore-based consultancy providing advisory services primarily in energy and greenhouse gas management and strategy, as well as broader sustainability, across Australasia. Marc has been on the Board of CEEC since 2018

  • Why Marc became involved in CEEC
  • Key targets for energy efficiency across a mine site
  • The impact of low-cost solutions on energy efficiency improvements
  • The benefits of carrying out an energy efficiency audit
  • Designing for energy efficiency in greenfield projects
  • Total cost of ownership analysis
  • The use of artificial intelligence 9AI)
  • Plant optimization in metallurgy
  • The role of sensors in innovation and efficiency
  • Alternatives to diesel usage and considerations in implementation
  • Areas of growth in renewables
  • Payback periods for hybrid set ups
  • Energy storage considerations
  • Why renewable uptake has not been as high as it could be and why
  • Optimizing energy supply to the mine
  • Examples of mines and METS companies implementing renewables and other efficiency strategies
  • Why electrifying (and battery) makes good business sense
  • What’s unique about CEEC
  • The potential for CEEC online events to drive ESG actions
  • The role of CEEC into the future of ESG
  • 5 key commodities and their critical minerals for future consumption
  • The percentage of global energy being used in comminution
  • The 2 operations that consume the majority of energy in a mine site
  • Pathways to decarbonization and improving energy efficiency
  • What could impact the ability to raise debt and equity
  • What the future looks like and the roadmap – 2030 and 2050
  • engeco’s new Mining Energy Consumption report in comminution and the mining industry