GeoMetso™: A site-specific methodology to optimize production and efficiency over the life-of-mine

Achieving significant and measurable improvements in the overall performance of a mining operation requires an integrated and strategic methodology. Short to medium term gains can be achieved through a detailed assessment and optimization of all processes from the mine to the plant. This holistic approach allows significant improvement of the entire production chain. In order to maintain these benefits in the long term, it is necessary to be able to accurately predict the performance of the comminution and separation circuits based on the feed ore characteristics and mining practices. This requires a detailed understanding of the entire operation, from the ore properties and their spatial distribution in the deposit through to the cor- responding circuit response.

Metso Process Technology and Innovation (P ti) have developed the GeoMetsoTM program as a structured, site-specific methodology aimed at helping operations achieve ongoing optimal performance with a long-term perspective. This paper outlines the steps which are required to initiate and implement this kind of program. It describes the data required and how that data must be assessed and incorporated into the program. A crucial part of the entire methodology is the use of SmartTagTM ore tracking, which provides a real-time link between the source ore and the process response, and allows on-going updating and validation of the predictive models. This allows strategic planning and optimization for different ore sources in order to maximize the profitability of the operation over the Life-of-Mine (LoM).