The novel EDS Multishaft Mill shows improved liberation and energy efficiency in comminution

Friedland, Royal

Published in Proceedings of the IMPC2020 Congress, SAIMM


Energy & Densification Systems (EDS) has developed patented new technology crushing/milling equipment. The EDS MultishaftMill is a compact vertical mill –utilising high-speed impacts to break down particles with large reduction ratios, low energy consumption and improved liberation. The milling action combines several processes to provide a multitude of output products to satisfy various specifications.

Comminution often accounts for more than 60% of the total power consumption on a mine. Two of the key problems to be solved in comminution is to bring down the specific energy required to reduce particle sizes; and to improve liberation or improve the efficiency of the beneficiation and recovery of the required elements.

The EDS Mill has shown extensive improvements in both these areas with energy efficiencies up to 75% better than conventional milling equipment and improving liberation beyond the standard beneficiation processes.Conventional comminution equipment requires massive, heavy parts to be moved or rotated, consuming a lot of energy in doing so and not inputting that energy into the breakage of particles.

In the EDS Mill, ramping up the relatively small shafts to speed is all that is required. Once at speed, the momentum, together with the minimal amount of constant drive required, means that the energy can be transmitted directly and efficiently into breaking down the particles.The high-speed impacts allow for a shattering effect of the particles and this quickly generates a high ratio of fines. Furthermore, the single impact force breaks particles in a very different manner to conventional compressive force breakage. With compressive force breakage, the particle breaks from point to point. With high-speed impact force breakage, the force tends to migrate through the weakest areas of the particle, which tend to be the mineral boundaries. This, therefore, means that when the particles break, the various minerals are exposed and hence liberated.Keywords:Comminution, high-speed impact, liberation, energy efficiency, novel comminution, crushing, milling


B.E. Friedlanda* and C.R. Royala

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AcknowledgementsThe authors would like to thank the various clients and agents that have been critical in obtaining the relevant data, and making it available to EDS, that allowed for a full investigation of the EDS Mill in their operations.

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