CEECing Change Podcast - Episode 6 - CEEC Medal Series - Insights with Zimi Meka Co-founder, CEO & Managing Director of Ausenco

Episode 6 Insights with Zimi Meka

Zimi Meka, Managing Director of Ausenco is interviewed by CEEC Director Joe Pease following the 2020 CEEC Medal for technical research presentation to Dr Grant Ballantyne of Ausenco.

With over 35 years’ experience in design, construction and operation of minerals processing plants, and infrastructure globally, he's overseen Ausenco’s diversification into a global business today.

Zimi has been recognized globally with many awards. He was inducted in the Engineer's Australia Hall of Fame in 2019 today's modern was listed by engineers Australia as one of the country's top 100 most influential engineers and is recognized by the AusIMM with the Institute Medal in 2009.

Topics covered in this podcast include:-

  • How Grant Ballantyne’s 2020 CEEC Medal win is helping industry to make the right moves in improving energy efficiency
  • The journey of CEEC over the past 10 years
  • How Ausenco encourages collaboration and partnering with their clients
  • What’s required in the coming years to meet ESG objectives
  • An industry to look to in order to benchmark best practice
  • Carbon footprint versus environmental and social stewardship
  • The need for industry to collaborate
  • Examples of innovation at Ausenco
  • Energy efficient operations for the future
  • Enhanced process recovery
  • Ausenco’s approach to helping operating companies think differently about energy efficient processing
  • The future of emerging technologies in energy and water conservation in mineral processing for major savings
  • Best economic outcome versus highest recovery
  • Investor influences and barriers to adoption
  • Under-utilized considerations
  • Challenges for industry leaders and opportunities to create the best environment for the future
  • Zimi’s advice for CEEC